“Shannon’s expertise and knowledge helped me run my personal best in the 800m, win 7 US National titles, and make 3 Olympic teams. GO! Athletics can help any athlete take their performance to the next level.”

Hazel Clark: 3 Time Olympian (Track 800m) Nike Athlete


“Everyone ran their best at the end of the season”

The testing by Shannon Grady helped us establish individualized training plans for each runner on our team.
Instead of guessing, we knew based on the test results, what each runner needed to work on and how they should go about working on it. We found this information especially useful on workout and recovery days. By using the testing information and having our athletes wear heart rate monitors, we knew they were in the right training zones and we knew they were not over working on the recovery days.  The result was that everyone ran their best at the end of the season.

Steve Shaklee: Head Track and Cross Country Coach, Cherokee High School

“Shannon is an expert in the application of Exercise Physiology”

Record Breakers

Sarah Brown (Bowman), Phoebe Wright, Chanelle Price

Since 1999, Shannon has provided pertinent testing and data that has helped in the development of optimal training programs for my athletes.
Shannon is an expert in the application of Exercise Physiology and lactate testing for training and competition.  Physiological  testing allows each athlete to get the most out of their abilities.

JJ Clark: Head Women’s Cross Country and Track coach, University of Connecticut and 2008 Olympic Team Coach

 “I recommend working with Shannon if your current results are not matching your efforts”

What led me to blood lactate testing with Shannon Grady was my desire to do it better.  At the end of each championship season, despite many successes, an incomplete feeling always persisted.  I was searching for answers about how to further develop a 2:08/56.97 freshman girl and why two athletes can do the same workout and get two different responses.

In my 9 years of coaching high school cross-country and track I have always relied on my intuition and wisdom plus the coach’s education I’ve completed to lead us to our great results.  But the feeling that there was another level to our efforts persisted despite a trip to NXN, a win in the Penn Relays COA DMR, 7 sub 4:20 milers and 19 sub-10 2-milers.

Shannon challenged me to see things differently, to see them more simply, and to be more sequential in my training.  The blood lactate testing revealed the strengths of each athletes energy systems and gave me a glimpse into the fitness trends of our program.  Having a greater understanding of who each athlete has provided us with a concrete answer to why we were or weren’t racing to our potential.  After implementing the strategies uncovered from the blood lactate testing our athletes were more prepared to achieve during the championship season.

Additionally, this process has provided me with great growth as a coach.  I now have greater understanding and appreciation of how to apply recovery efforts and off days, a deeper understanding of how to value each run, and a systematic way to properly plan a season for specific event groups.

I recommend working with Shannon if your current results are not matching your efforts or expectations, or if you’re interested in learning more about the sport.”

Rob Hewitt: Head Track and Cross Country, Germantown Friends School


Crossfit“I have implemented System Based Training as the primary means for my CrossFit team’s conditioning and have been beyond impressed so far with the results.

Taking a more scientific approach removes the guessing game for me as a coach and the conditioning of my athletes has increased at a rate I’ve never seen before. Thanks to System Based Training we are going into one of the biggest competitions more confident than ever.”

Ian Hardin: Owner of Hardbat CrossFit 


“I am SO grateful to have an SBT Training program. Finding Chris and receiving this training is truly one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I have not only rediscovered my love and passion for running, but I’ve done so with a new confidence that I’ve never had before. I look forward to many years to come with SBT training, and I am so grateful for all the research and time you’ve put into this!”

Mo Lee Thornburg: Humboldt State University


“I ended my 2013 triathlon season, mentally drained, overtrained, lacking hope and motivation. After my first meeting with Shannon, I was immediately impressed and inspired with her wealth of knowledge and success with her current athletes. After a month of being on her training plan I went from never being able to run faster than a 5:30 mile to running a 4:47 mile! I currently have two overall race wins under her coaching and continue to have PR’s in training and in races. I am injury free and feel strength and endurance I have never experienced before. What’s comforting is when you know you’re coached by a leading expert in their field, you have more confidence in your own abilities to execute the plan and achieve your desired outcome.”